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Terrace Garden Design

OOutdoor Decor | August 11, 2020 / By Heather_Romero

Currently wondering how to make your ideal terrace design? First things first, you ought to know its brief definition and function. For those who would like to have a garden full of plants with limited space, terracing the landscape is an ideal option to turn the impossible concept. Besides, it helps to prevent erosion by differentiating high areas into smaller sections. This kind of terracing can be planted with various evergreen perennials, shrubs, or annuals.

∘ Landscaping Roof Terraces Garden Design

To choose your ideal terrace garden, pick one which suits the slope’s degree that you deal with and your landscape. It can be built from many materials, but most people use treated wood. The treated wood gives many advantages such as the efficient cost as well as the easily-blend material with the surrounding natural environment.

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Many people also use landscape timbers for their garden to last for many seasons. You might want to choose cedar wood other than timbers if you are planning to make a vegetable garden. This wood can avoid any kinds of chemical inside the soil. Other choices for the materials would be concrete blocks, bricks, and rocks in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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In order to build this garden concept, make sure you are in a prima condition physically and have some previous landscaping or carpentry experiences. Since building the terrace is not an easy thing to do, it can be measured as a project initiated by labors. If you don’t have any experience or confidence in building it your own, you can always hire professional workers to build the terrace.

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However, if you still want to build it yourself, it is important to assess the run and the rise of slope that you work with. The vertical distance from the top of slope to the bottom is the rise, while the horizontal measurement between the bottom and hilltop is the run. Use the measurement to assess the width and height of each bed, depending on how many beds you want to have in your garden design.

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